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Sorcery Amsoft / Virgin Games, they created the game a long time ago(1985). But the game is still fun to play. There are no correct or good alternative for the game online, so i created the game with the original game in mind. If you don't use internet explorer, everything should work fine. explorer wont play the sound correct, and not on time when it should. So if you want good playing with sound, use other browsers.
All the credits of the game self, is not for me but for the original creaters. I just bring back the game to life. nothing more, nothing less. Every save is on you're browser. So no registration needed. Normal it can play on every device. Soon it should be possible to share you're score to the highscore board. And to save the game online so you can play you're game everywhere on every device. But also download the app for windows, android and maybe for ios.

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Sorcery takes you deep into the Dark Ages. The evil forces of the Necromancer are creeping to every last corner of the ancient land that was once the powerful domain of the great Sorcerers. You must work to free your fellow sorcers, who have been entrapped throughout the land. You should find in every room objects, that can be usefull, or nessecary. Try to free the fellow sorcers to open the lock of it with the objects you find. Kill the demons before they kill you. You have limitless time to play. The book should be you're time guide.

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Sorcery amstrad CPC 464 game launched in 1985. Was the best game of the year(s). Created by virgin games (in the time was the name amsoft). It was a fun new game with lot of rooms to explore. A lot of people has memorys about this game. It is one of the couple games you always remember. Sorcerers, demons, lock rooms, in time fantasy game. A combination of succes. That succes you can now replay on this website for free. No registration needed to play.

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Bring back to life by

Nys Werner

@ Antwerp,Belgium

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